The Black Book

Ominous relic


The black book contains ten chapters, which must be deciphered one at a time. Deciphering a chapter requires the ability to read and write infernal, a number of days of study equal to the chapter’s sequential number, and a successful linguistics check. Failure means the time was spent on a false lead and the chapter must be studied again from scratch before a new linguistics check may be made.

The black book weighs twenty pounds.


This huge tome is elaborately bound in greyish-black metal and set with nine blood-red stones and a single bright red gem, all perfectly round and nestled within the curled metal scrollwork.
The text within is intricately cyphered and written in deep red ink with infernal characters. There are ten chapters, each more complex than the last. The first nine chapters are written on parchment and vary between four and thirty-six pages long. The tenth chapter is ten pages long and inscribed on dark metal foil which matches the cover.

It was entrusted to Ikalk-Palaqaq by the vitamancer Elin Verta, who magically embedded it deep within the thri-kreen’s body. It later emerged from his shoulder under the touch of Talinine’s hand. Ikalk was instructed to let the young and curious study it, but to keep it out of the hands of those actively seeking it at all costs, especially those of the Valarian high-sage Quovae Eltanu.

It is currently in the hands of Guillaume Boucher, who Elin Verta also charged with the book’s protection. Guillaume feels the book is safest in his own care, and doesn’t mind bearing its significant burden, yet…

The Black Book

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