Blackmetal scimitar

An exotic blade from a distant land

weapon (melee)

This scimitar appears to be crafted in the form of an insect’s wing, with a hilt composed of intertwining, spiraling leafy vines which flow partway up the blade.

The metal of the blade is a swirling mix of shimmering black and silvery-white, which quickly tarnishes to a very dark, dull grey when left unpolished.

It is the former possession of the dervish Morrigan Fireheart. Its twin was melted down by an inexperienced thri-kreen metallurgist, causing the two component metals to separate and destroying the blade forever.

Its properties are unknown, but when a dwarven slaver from the Valarian Empire tried to take it from Ikalk for himself, he seemed genuinely distressed and quickly returned it.

It is currently in the possession of Ikalk-palaqaq.

Blackmetal scimitar

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