Quovae Eltanu

The perfect theurge


Quovae Eltanu bears the rank of High Sage of the Valarian Empire, an office bestowed upon those who are seen as understanding and representing arcane magical study in its entirety, with neither the focus nor the limitations of the other eight sages, each of whom represent only a single school of magic.

Unlike most of his predecessors who were content simply to mediate and act as a common thread between the other sages, Quovae Eltanu seems dedicated not only to general magical prowess, but also to surpassing each of the eight other sages in their specialties, and if rumors are to be believed, he’s succeeded.

He is the former high priest of Wee-Jas, goddess of magic, death, vanity, and law, and a mystic theurge. He gave up the title to accept his sagehood, as remaining a priest would have represented a conflict of interest; Sages serve the empire, while priests serve their deity. He is reputed to be nearly as skilled with divine magic as he is with its arcane counterpart.

Lastly, he was also the former head of the council of Archmagi, an organization devoted to testing, exploring, and often bending the limits of magical power in mortal hands.

He looks almost as old as he is, which is a difficult feat for the living. His bald head is fringed with white hair and abundantly adorned with jewelry which gleams and shimmers with magical energy. The details of his eyes are inscrutable beneath the constant bright blue luminance which shines out of them. His belt bears the crest of the Archmagi, sculpted from electrum and set with luminescent blue sapphires. His robes are composed of countless images of the gaunt, skeletal red visage which symbolizes the church of Wee-Jas, all silently shifting, moving, and mouthing imagined words and phrases, while watching the world with empty eye sockets.

He walks very, very slowly, but without a hint of unsteadiness or impatience. Nor does he make any apology to those he keeps waiting.

He is considered by most scholars to be the most magically powerful mortal alive.

Guillaume saw the Archsage from a distance at a private dinner party hosted by Garin. Quovae Eltanu never said a word throughout the entire evening, nor did he eat.

Quovae Eltanu

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