Morrigan Fireheart

A wandering swordswoman from the Forgotten Badlands


In the Forgotten Badlands there is a certain tribe with two leaders and an unusual custom:

The Ironheart is the backbone of the tribe, ruler of its people and protector of its lands.

The Fireheart is the soul of the tribe, who spreads their glory throughout the world, and brings the glories of the world back to their tribe.

Ikalk met Morrigan near his tribe’s revered Shattered Grounds during a spiritual journey. They spent much of the season together, Ikalk sharing his tribal language and customs, and Morrigan sharing her martial knowledge and a few of the secret arts of dervish dancing.

Late in the season, Morrigan probed Ikalk about the nature of the Shattered Grounds, but dropped the subject when Ikalk was reluctant to answer. Shortly thereafter, she raided the holy site under cover of the scorching midday sun and stole several stones, but was caught by the guards and the entire tribe descended on her in fury. After slaying the tribe’s most experienced warrior and many others, she eventually succumbed to a mix of exhaustion and the thri-kreen paralytic poison and was slain.

Ikalk gave her a formal burial at her campsite.

Morrigan Fireheart

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