General Saro

The unsung general


Valarian’s special forces general easily avoids notice and seems to prefer it that way. His dark hair is short and crudely-trimmed like a peasant’s, and his face is plain and clean-shaven. He wears simple leather armour which masks his physique. The only striking feature about him is the green and bronze general’s cloak which covers much of the right side of his body.

General Jurul and General Saro are close friends, and Jurul once lent Saro’s journal to Guillaume, wherein it was revealed that Saro’s army acts primarily as a discreet surgical strike force who specialize in flanking maneuvers and assassination missions.

Shortly before Guillaume fled the empire, he met Saro in person at a private dinner hosted by Garin, but they didn’t speak to each other.

General Saro

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