General Leira Natima

The whimsical general


The Valarian empire’s naval general is best known for her striking appearance; Long silvery-white hair, elaborately crafted and polished armour and a meticulously maintained complexion, all framed by the blue and silver cloak of rank which flows off her shoulders. Many rumors of vanity and narcissism run wild through the Valarian courts; rumors which clash with Leira’s famously warm, playful and compassionate demeanor.

Like Saro and Garin, Leira rose to her position of power very swiftly, and is seen as extremely young for her rank. However, any talk of her inexperience was quickly discredited as she made remarkable tactical improvements to the Valarian fleet and established the first imperial foothold on Elunancis territory through a series of naval victories.

Guillaume met her face-to-face at Garin’s dinner party before he left the empire.

General Leira Natima

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