General Jurul

The two army general


A bulky, middle-aged man with more scars than skin, the Valarian Empire’s infantry general is famous throughout the entire world for his dedicated leadership and terrifying brutality in combat.

His red and gold general’s cloak hangs down the back of his iron-grey spiked armour and he is rarely seen without his broad-hilted claymore in hand. He wears no sheathe for the weapon and prefers instead to carry it loose. It is rumored that he keeps it in a glove of storing whenever he attends a dinner or other formal event where perpetually holding the blade may be seen as gauche.

For five years, he personally trained Guillaume Boucher in the use of armour and martial weapons, as both a friend and mentor to the young oracle.

He idolizes Garin, seeing him as a beacon of hope for the empire, and by extension, all humankind.

General Jurul

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