Elder Tklatka

Worldly thri-kreen elder


When much of the tribe was celebrating the hatching of Bitt, the hulking miracle child, Elder Tklatka noticed another unusual child of that hatching; an extraordinarily small and delicate larva which barely squeezed free of its egg. He believed the runt and the hulk existed in a sense as two sides to the same entity; that they were tied together by fate. He took in and raised the little one at his own expense and named him Ikalk-palaqaq.

While most thri-kreen rarely leave their island, Tklatka has traveled the world and seen much of the “fleshling” societies that fill the great continents. He insists that one of the essential keys to wisdom is to keep an open mind and never cease learning. He assists his tribe by sharing ideas and crafts from the foreign lands, and by negotiating trades and exchanges with other cultures.

He is very bulky for his kind and cuts an imposing figure in spite of his extremely hunched and weary stature. His carapace is thick, grey, and deeply cracked, the flesh beneath torn and raw, sometimes bleeding, marking him as well past his final shedding and in the twilight of his life. He often wears a large cloak to protect his age-wounds from the wind and sand.

Elder Tklatka

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