Commander General Garin

A man of many talents


The Commander General controls all of the Valarian Empire’s military power, with one exception; The private army of the Emperor himself, which protects only the capital province of Valoroth and rarely sends soldiers to war.

In his somewhat short career thus far, Garin seems to bear the mantle of supreme military leader quite well, having stabilized most unrest in the empire’s colonies and pushed across the oceans East and West of the continent to seize new territory, bringing the empire closer than it has ever been to world conquest.

He is perhaps most famous for his martial prowess, as he is reputed to have mastered every known martial art. His unique fighting style is obvious just from a glance at his choice of armour and weapon, as he wields a single simple longsword with no shield, and wears plate armour which only covers his right side and chest.

Little is known of his name familial background before he was adopted into the Garalt noble family and swiftly appointed as its head, bestowing the name Garin on him.

He seems very close to and well-loved by the other generals, and it is commonly believed that he and the other young generals Saro and Leira were trained together as rookies, and have always stayed close, both in camaraderie and rank, ever since.

Guillaume met the Commander General at a semi-formal dinner, where Garin tested the young Oracle’s mind and martial prowess.

Commander General Garin

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