Ancient sentinel


This huge dwarflike golem guards the entrance to the Belphon tower, and judging by its appearance, it likely has done so for hundreds of years.

The ‘flesh’ of Cobalt’s body is crafted entirely from a massive quantity of dark, purplish metal. Scraps of what were once extremely fine weapons and armor hang loosely from its frame. The sentinel was clearly once covered with gems, now empty settings, as well as dense and elaborate dwarven filigree, now worn down to only the network of carved grooves in the dark metal, dotted and streaked with remnants of their former inlays; small mossy fragments of rare minerals and traces of precious metals.

Despite its age and lack of equipment, Cobalt is still a force to be reckoned with, as no one in written history had ever seen it and passed on the story, let alone set foot in the tower it guards. The sentinal seems to be able to reshape the land around it at a whim, and possesses uncanny foresight and awareness which suggests senses and insight far beyond what most golems are capable of.

Cobalt seems to have some sort of direct connection with the tower itself, as the sentinel appears fused and bound to the tower’s entrance when at rest. When in this state, Cobalt takes several seconds to free itself for combat, during which the sounds of giant moving chains and turning gears and pulleys fill the walls of the entire tower.


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