Hulking thri-kreen bully


Bitt is a hulking brute of a thri-kreen from Ikalk’s tribe in the Tiamat Archipelago. Huge compared to other thri-kreen even at his hatching, Bitt was seen as a miracle child and granted many rights of adulthood well before coming of age.

His pride, self-confidence, and cunning have grown with his body, and he now treats the other members of the tribe as tools or minions at best, and as playthings or pests at worst, using his wits and shining reputation to evade any scrutiny or blame for the harm his actions cause.

Even in the coiled stance which is natural for his people he stands over six feet tall, and he towers nearly eight feet tall when he straightens up to his full height, which he does far more often than most of his kind. He is also extremely broad-shouldered and thick-limbed for a thri-kreen, and he compulsively preens his antenna forward so they curl out over his forehead.

Since they were both larvae, he has taken a particular interest in tormenting his hatch-brother Ikalk, stealing or sabotaging anything of value the little thri-kreen found. When a ship of dwarven traders visited the island, Bitt took the opportunity to sell Ikalk into slavery in exchange for an ingot of refined adamantine.


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