Bain "Runt" Conways

Stubborn urchin


One of a number of youths who followed Guillaume Boucher in a gang of sorts during his childhood in the iron fortress of Garalt.

Bain was the smallest and weakest in the group, and Guillaume regularly picked on him for it, nicknaming him Runt, but Bain idolized Guillaume and refused to give up on earning the larger boy’s respect. While he never grew especially big or strong, Bain became one of the most resilient and dedicated members of the gang, and he and Guillaume grew into close friends. The name Runt eventually became a badge of honor of sorts, representing how far he’d come.

Runt was last seen in the iron fortress of Garalt, stubbornly resisting an interrogation for Guillaume’s whereabouts by the bloodhound Marcus.

Bain "Runt" Conways

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