Artus and Ultus

Johnny's muscle


A pair of dauntingly large men, both standing over seven feet tall and nearly four feet wide at the shoulders. They bear a strong resemblance to each other, both possessing pale blue eyes, large, craggy facial features, thick manes of coarse, curly brown hair and thick beards that cover much of their chests.

Artus walks around mostly bare, wearing only a loincloth, an impressive layer of body hair, and several strategically-located metal plates which are held in place by leather straps. The greataxe slung across his back seems impossibly large, even for him.

Ultus dresses more traditionally, wearing a well-cut jacket and trousers made of thick hide. More remarkable are the thick buckler strapped to his left arm and the sword on his back, which is so large that its tip nearly touches the ground, even as the pommel drags along the ceiling indoors.

They both have cloaks which they can slouch and wear to conceal their unusual equipment and physiques, making them look more like chubby merchants than hulking mercenaries.

Johnny is never seen without them nearby.

Artus and Ultus

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